Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh BAM, ah didn't know?

I love the way that the supporter's of Obama give him the benefit of the "doubt" when it comes to his crazy old Uncle, you know old pastor (I hate whitey.) By the way the Obama's defense of (I hate whitey) is very similar to the excuse used by the Clinton's when Sandy Berger stole the documents from the national archives. But anyway, I have lots of thoughts about this. First we need to remember that Louis Farrakhan ( I hate whitey Sr.) gave his support to Obama. Can you imagine what the press would do if The grand wizard of the KKK threw his support behind any republican candidate? That would be a slaughtering. I like the way Obama said he didn't support ( I hate whitey Sr.'s) view on Jews. That's like saying I don't support Hitler's view on Jews. Think about what isn't disavowed by either statement and this is tacit approval to me. Speaking of tacit approval, does anyone with a brain really think that Obama doesn't support (I hate whitey)'s view on race, AIDS, 911 and Our deserving to be damned country? Of course he does. I mean really, if I went to a church and my preacher was saying those silly things I would walk out the door before his second "God damn America." It bothers me a little bit that black America doesn't stand up and demand the same apologies it demands from any white person who says anything remotely semi almost nearly racist, but they don't. These are world class excuses for the lack of black success in this country, a country who has bent over backward for the last 40 or more years to fix the sins of our father's. But the more that has been given, the more is expected. Anytime a black person is successful and preaches hard work and to not make excuses then those same people who tacitly approve those silly racist beliefs of (I hate whitey) and his cohorts, are the first to shout down this "Uncle tom" behavior, interesting hmmmm. Of course I am not sure the black "leaders" really want Obama to be president. When Farrakhan and the Wrights of the world throw their support behind Obama it may be to undermine him. Think about it, if he wins then it undermines the whole "we can't overcome" mentality and allows those leaders to perpetuate indefinitely and definitely makes them richer. That is an interesting thought and am interested in other's take on it. Poor Obama! He has to walk such a tightrope. Doesn't want to alienate all his Afrocentric black followers and can't win without his liberal white followers. He is actually doing a decent job of that. One more thing about the (I hate whitey) family. I don't blame them as much as I blame the followers. Those mass of sycophants are the reason that silly anti white sentiment is preached. It is a tad scary to think that any indiviual would believe this tripe but a whole race? Sad.

But hey I could be wrong

the Vic

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