Sunday, September 28, 2008

Honor, Courage, Commitment

There are a few things in life that live up to the hype that surrounds them: Guiness stout, Michelin tires, Surefire lights and the United States Marine Corps. On Father's Day of this year, a mere nine days after graduating high school, The Final Son left a family he was close to and a fiancee he adores to fly 1400 miles and undergo the most rigorous basic military training in the world. On September 12, after 91 days of carefully orchestrated physical and mental abuse, he came out the other end, leaner, tougher and better.

As I stood in the stands and watched the ceremony I remembered back to the previous September when I stood on similar bleachers and watched him play linebacker for his high school team. I'm pretty sure my face turned red when it dawned on me that back then I just THOUGHT I knew what proud was.

If you ever find yourself doubting America's ability to produce high quality, serious minded young men, just go watch 599 new Marines march out onto the parade deck at MCRD in San Diego, trust me it's a sight that will put you at ease. As long as America can continue to find dedicated young men and women to populate ALL the branches of our armed forces we will be fine. And as long as the United States Marine Corps can continue to attract young men the caliber of the one pictured above we can all rest easy in the knowledge that the Corps will remain Semper Fidelis.

Note: For those of you thinking/hoping that this is the end of me bragging about my chidren/grandchildren, no such luck. Periodically I will continue to regale you with examples of what a great job I have done as a father beause you deserve to know. And yes, whatever great things my offspring achieve, is all me, because I'm just that good. Don't hate me because I'm perfect.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Undecided Voters Are Idiots

If undecided voters really exist, they must be on the same intellectual level as this guy. Let me make it easy for them. Barack Obama is wrong on every issue. John McCain is wrong on half the issues. There you go, half right versus all wrong, pretty easy really.

What's that? It's not about the issues, it's about personality? Okay, Barack Obama is charming but vacuous. John McCain is sarcastic but deliberate. There you go, deliberate versus vacuous, still pretty easy. Remember folks, we're picking someone to run the country not host the academy awards.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Number 6

On September 17th, 2008 Sergeant W. of the U. S Army and his lovely wife, "The Middle Daughter", welcomed my sixth Grandchild into the world. Contrary to a previous post, he is a fine looking lad and in no way resembles "ManBearPig". Congratulations to them and all that, but mainly, congratulations to me.

The boy's name is Angus, yes I am aware that it is the coolest name EVER. Eighteen years ago I wanted to name my youngest son (who you will be reading more about in a few days) Angus, but the pissing and moaning and wailing and crying that issued forth from my extended family members caused me to weaken and I am still somewhat ashamed to this day. On 09-17-08 when the nurse officially put pen to paper I was vindicated. Victory is Mine Sayeth the Archduke.
Note: While it may appear that I, The Archduke and my family are perfect, such is not the case. Little Angus and his three oldest cousins are the product of mixed marraiges. My first three grandkids, Madison, Alex, and Emma, who belong to PFC M. of the U.S Army and his lovely wife, The Original Daughter, ( AKA Armywife) along with Angus, have mothers that are UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SOONER fans and fathers who are university of texas longhorn fans. Thank God my two middle grandchildren Aidyn and Penelope who belong to The Original Son, (AKA Vulcandeathgrip) and his lovely wife, shewhoasyethasnonickname, are the product of a marraige between two UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SOONER fans. Try not to hold this serious character flaw against the two soldiers, after all they did both travel to the" Land of Sand and Stink" and put their lives on the line to defend us from the murderous muslims, and when it comes to these children, the UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SOONER fans in the family will win in the end anyway.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Financial crisis through affirmative action

This sums it up about as good as anything I've read.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

17 year old Muslim girl granted annulment

How about this feisty Pakistani girl. (Not the one in the photo, but similar.) When she was 9 her parents married her off to a smelly 45 year Muslim pedophile. Convinced that there must be more to life than being raped on a daily basis, she began seeking a way out of her enslavement marriage. She found a sympathetic judge and was granted an annulment a few days ago. She was finally happy, then her parents murdered her.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't mess with Texans

Two armed shitheads invade home. Husband and wife take gun from one shithead, kill him, shoot the other. Joy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I choose to disagree

I was watching some leftie on some talk show talk about Obama being "pro choice." Well hell who isn't? I like to choose the food I eat, the TV shows I watch, the uh friends I associate with, the color of my undies, my radio stations etc. etc... Of course as everyone knows I am easily confused and it took me a while to actually understand he was talking about abortion? Now look I am no fanatical anti baby killing kind of guy. I think there is a time and a term to do it if it is done. I do think R VS W should be overturned and the states should CHOOSE but other than that I am a little apathetic. That being said, why is it called pro choice? Why not pro baby killing, or infant murder is grand, or who needs condoms we have vacuums! Or simply "PRO ABORTION" Why is abortion a bad word? Why do the people who fight so strongly for it omit the mention of the act in their slogan? If it is ok it is ok right? Does it make them feel better to not mention the actual possible murderous act? I mean if I drunkenly crash my car into a pregnant woman then I can be charged for killing 2 people? That has always confused me. Ok lefties, repeat after me - "we believe a woman has the right to an ABORTION at any time. That is our choice." That needs to be on the t shirts and signs. I choose to quit writing now.

The Vic

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Geraldo is a Girl

" There's someone in the water! There's someone in the water stranded! There's someone in the water stranded! Right there God dammit! Hey guys there's someone in the water STRANDED! Wait he's swimming! No he's got a lifeline."
Geraldo Rivera likes to refer to himself as a "Warrior Journalist", I prefer the term "Hysterical Ninny".

Liberal Choice

While reading the linked article in the post below, I began to wonder, again; Where is the liberal outrage? Why aren't the feminists and all the other leftist screaming for something to be done to stop the murder of women and children by fundamentalist muslims? There is no shortage of righteous indignation every time some white, male executive calls his female secretary "darlin", or every time some woman who makes $150,000 a year fails to get a promotion. So why the silence when countless women and girls, worldwide, are being tortured, mutilated and murdered by muslim men, in the name of "honor"? It appears, for all the world, that the only people moved to action on this front are Conservative Americans.

The only possible explanation I have been able to come up with is this. Since it was President George W. Bush, a Semi-Conservative White American Male, who gave the order to bring the iron fist of America down on the crazy muslims, the good leftist MUST conclude that the crazy muslim is in the right because the alternative is unthinkable. The America hating left was faced with this question. Whom do we despise more, an archaic religion that insist on the murder of it's own women and children AND everyone else on the planet who is not a member, or George W. Bush? Their answer is clear, and sickening.

Freedom is overrated

So, young ladies, you want to choose who you will marry? Go ahead, right after we bury you alive.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Redemptive Power of Hurricane Gustav

Once upon a time President George W. Bush was bored so he prayed real hard that death and destruction would visit some African-Americans. The Lord heard his prayers and was pleased so He sent hurricane Katrina to kill many ebony persons. President Bush rejoiced.

But all was not well.

Blacks and other liberals cried that George Bush was a meanie. President Bush pondered this in his heart but could not understand why drowning a bunch of African-Americans was a bad thing. Even so, the President wished to seek favor with those who hated him. He prayed to God once again, this time that he may be given an opportunity to save Blacks from peril and be praised for his benevolence.

God felt pity for the President and said unto Himself, "I will send hurricane Gustav so that George may show the liberals that he is ready, willing and able to protect blacks from harm." And the blacks and other liberals loved George Bush.