Saturday, June 28, 2008

Supreme Court Clown

This link will take you to an article entitled Justice Anthony Kennedy and Our Schizophrenic Court. In my opinion the piece is important and illuminating, but also disturbing -- graphically disturbing. If in doubt, save it for later.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The right to bear, barely

The United States Supreme Court decided today that your individual right to possess firearms shall not be infringed. The decision came down 5 for and 4 against. A win's a win, but this was a narrow victory. As a gun owner, lifetime NRA member, and all around great guy I obviously think the court made the correct decision. But don't kid yourself, I'm not happy.

I'm not happy that it took the Supreme Court to prevent the Bill of Rights from being reduced by one. It would take about 10 minutes of internet research for the average second grader to see that the founders of our country and framers of our constitution intended to protect the individual right of gun ownership.

And more importantly, I'm not happy that if 4 U.S. Supreme Court justices had had their way the individual right of gun ownership would be effectively erased from the constitution. Even if you don't care about the right to bear arms this should concern you, because the next time the court may be deciding a constitutionally guaranteed right that you do care about.

I'll finish with a rhetorical question for those who believe it doesn't matter who is President. Do you really think that if the last two Supreme Court justices had been appointed by President John Kerry today's monumental ruling would have been the same?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Much ado about absofreakinglutetly nothing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you are a woman, or if you care about someone who is or will be, you may want to read this.

Monday, June 23, 2008


The left will tolerate...

Men celebrating their homosexuality by parading nude down a heavily populated city street.

Public defecation on an American flag in protest of Bush's illegal war.

A doctor performing an abortion on your 14 year old daughter without your consent.

An 8 year old boy getting expelled from school for drawing a picture of a gun.

Raising your taxes in order to provide America's welfare whores a decent living.

...and so on.

The left will not tolerate...

Skepticism of man-made global warming.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Slow Down Pat, Your Crazy is Showing

I view the political spectrum as a circle, not a straight line. Think of a clock face. Hardcore, but not crazy, conservatives are at three o'clock. Hardcore, but not crazy, liberals are at nine o'clock. The numbers mean nothing, it's a right side left side thing. An absolute moderate would occupy the twelve o'clock position and a snot slinging radical, FROM EITHER SIDE, would occupy the six oclock position. It is my contention, based on personal experience with family members, that conservatives who continually move to the right will eventually find themselves face to face with liberals who continue to move to the left. They all end up at the bottom of the circle hating America, attempting to tear down her institutions, rewrite her history, and denigrate her heroes. It is of no consequence that crazy right wingers and crazy left wingers arrived at the same point by different routes, once you get to crazy, it doesn't matter whether your instructions come telepathically from God or a redwood tree.

Pat Buchanan, is an intelligent man and when it's between 3:00 and 4:00 o'clock in his mind, he writes some things that ought to be required reading in American universities. But in his latest book he states that Adolph Hitler was a reasonable man, Winston Churchill was a warmonger and WWII was unnecessary. Huh? Deep down Pat Buchanan is, and has been for years, an unrealistic isolationist stuck in the distant past. I mostly like the guy, but I refuse to accompany him or anybody else on a headlong sprint to the bottom of the circle. If the only justification for his ideology is down there, then he needs a new position.

What I'm trying to say is this. Pat, check your watch, because based on this new book it's about 5:45.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oil Shale

Here is an interesting article on oil shale. After you read it you will want to slap an environazi and then run out and buy stock in Royal Dutch Shell.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gay Marriage, No Thanks

" The social institution under which a man and a woman live as husband and wife by legal or religious commitments."

This one sentence, is and has always been, the civilized world's definition for marriage. It defines the institution that my wife and I entered some 28.5 years ago. We took it seriously then and we still do today, more seriously in fact than our parents or any of our siblings. I believe in it and I am proud of our success. I am not the least bit interested in having it redefined by a small but vocal group of practitioners of aberrant behaviors.

Homosexuals have the right to do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, but they don't have a right to change the meaning of a word or of an age old institution in order to allow themselves entry. If, through political correctness, we allow every deviant 3% of our population to redefine our terms then soon nothing will mean anything and the greatest of all civilizations will cease to exist.

Marriage, as it has been defined for centuries, is the foundation of the family and the family is the foundation of civilization. Those who would avoid chaos and anarchy would do well to take note of that.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drill Here, Drill Now

Newt Gingrich wants your help in demanding that Congress allow more oil exploration in these United States. If you care about America and her future you will sign the petition.

Friday, June 13, 2008

We report, you jihad

If you have watched five minutes of television "news" today, or if you have visited any news website, you know that Tim Russert is dead and that child molesting pervert R. Kelly was acquitted of all charges. You may have missed, however, the actual news of these three muslim hotties from Toledo, Ohio being convicted of conspiring to kill American troops.

The Debate Really Is Over...

according to Dr. John Coleman, founder of the weather channel.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mr. Mexican Cheese

Jerry Rivers, fighting for the Mayztincs.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Racial Sensitivity

In the interest of proving my love for our civilizationally challenged brethren from south of the Rio Grand, I the Archduke, have decided to stop referring to them as Mud People. It has come to my attention that some folks view that term as offensive. As a sensitive and enlightened humanist, the last thing I would ever want to do is offend any of the millions of two legged cockroaches (oops) that have illegally invaded my country. "But Archduke", you asked, "whatever will you call them?" Not to worry, I have invented a totally new name.

As is evidenced by their radical organizations, protest signs, and heavily decorated Chebby trucks, they are very proud of their virgin slaughtering, baby eating, no wheel having, ancestors. And who wouldn't be? Think about it, the "great" South American civilizations had made it all the way to the stone age while the Europeans were wasting their time with the Renaissance. So what I did was take the three best known mud civilizations, the Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca and combined the words to get MAYZTINC. It's pronounced maystink. Now if you have spent any time around these people you know that the vast majority do stink, but dostink doesn't fit with my whole word conglomeration thing. So henceforth I won't be saying that there were 14 head of mud people standing outside the store glaring at white women, I will be much more politically correct and say that there were 14 mayztincs standing outside the store glaring at white women.

This is just my little way of paying homage to their bone-in-the-nose, insect munching ancestors who appear to be about a half a generation behind them.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Aztecs Still Don't Get The Whole Germ Thing

Seriously, who is stupid enough to eat something called "mexican bathtub cheese"?

Aztecs Still Trying to Master The Wheel

The history rewriting, America hating, White people loathing left likes to tell us that by the time those nasty old Europeans landed in the Americas, the peaceful locals already had a highly advanced civilization in place. They talk about calenders and temples and aqueducts but fail to mention bloody wars, human sacrifices, and a diet heavy on bugs. Mainly what they fail to mention is that when those backward and barbaric White folks landed, the highly advanced locals had never seen a wheel. That's right, none of the great South American civilizations had managed to discover the wheel. And based on this photograph, which shows a drunk mexican crashing into a bunch of stupid mexicans, they still haven't quite got the hang of it.

I reckon so

I once said some hateful things about Clint Eastwood on this blog. After reading this piece I will endeavor to persevere never to do so again. In summary, he tells Spike Lee that "dying ain't much of a livin', boy." Not really, but it's still a good article for manly Eastwood fans.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exercise for the brain

This article discusses the benefits of "neurobics", simple exercises like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand or eating dinner with your eyes closed, which some claim stimulate the growth of new brain cells and help stave off age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's. I hope this stuff works because I'd hate to think that I'm going through the hell of typing this post with my teos tous toes for nothing.

World Clock

It's not just a clock, it's the World Clock. Plus also too, it's a time waste.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A day in the hood

Take a good look at this guy. Go ahead, he won't hurt you. He may look like a gun totin' bad-ass killer which, in fact, he once was, but he's now dead. He was shot in the neck on the inner city streets of Cleveland by a couple of home boys who got pissed when they discovered he was only carrying $8. I guess they wanted mo money. It may not be relevant, but when this young man died his body was chock plumb full of drugs. Quit it, who are you to judge?

Stories about black dudes from the hood getting murdered for nothing are as common as the hairs in the Vicar's ears, but I got a little extra riled when reading this one.

First, did those two putrid clumps of turd pus really kill a man over a lousy $8? Come on. I don't have the highest opinion of our inner city youth, but my minuscule mind is incapable of understanding how someone could be so stupid, so mean, so devoid of foresight. A hundred dollars maybe, but 8? Idiots.

Second, the murderers were black. Ok, I'm lying. I mean, they were black but that's not why I'm riled. I'm riled because in the half dozen articles I read or scanned about this crime the race of the perps was never mentioned. More to the point, I'm not actually riled because the race of the killers was omitted, but for the reason the race of the killers was omitted: political correctness. We live in a world ruled by grievance mongers where true and relevant information is often suppressed specifically because it is true and relevant. The truth hurts and many don't want the pain.

If you're wondering how I know the bad guys are black, I don't, but I'm so confident that they are I'd bet your life on it. It's really pretty simple:

A. Blacks commit murder at a much higher rate than any other race.

B. The murder occurred in the hood.

C. And this is the kicker. If the crime had been committed by a non-black, especially a white non-black, it would have been mentioned in the story. It's always relevant when a white person commits a crime against a black.

There’s a third and final aspect of this story that has me riled. I mentioned that our young victim was full of drugs when he died. What I didn’t tell you was that he died 4 ½ months after the shooting and the drugs were the various antibiotics, painkillers, etc. that I assume he must have had in his system. Just thought I ought to set the record straight.

Crap! Every time I think I’m finished with this post I remember something. The dead guy is 21 year old Robert Crutchfield - Marine Lance Corporal Robert Crutchfield - who was home on leave from Iraq, standing at a bus stop waiting for his girlfriend when he was gunned down by a couple of disenfranchised youths. You know, I’d be all for bringing our soldiers and marines home from the land of sand and stink, just like the Democrats want, if as soon as their boots hit American soil we could turn them loose on about 100 of our most G infested cities.