Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why do white people

look down on black people? Why are our African American brethren treated so poorly by the European American establishment? This accusation by blacks, some of it but not near as much as alleged is deserved, is so prevalent that it is just considered truth by mainstream media and our all seeing all wise government who bend over backwards to cater to or try to atone for euromerica's past sins. But I've been thinking that it isn't just cracker society that looks down on blacks, black society itself looks down on itself. They believe that which they decry. I believe they think they deserve their "plight." Black society lives up to it's own lower expectations. They don't expect to succeed so they don't try, their cultural low self esteem in my humble sense of opinion is more of a reason for lack of overall success than the hard heel of oppression that the saltine sultans press upon them. Self fulfilling prophecy is the reason for the high crime and high dropout rate. Black culture is that angry chubby teenage girl who realizes she isn't gonna be the prom queen so she quits striving for popularity and becomes much less than she could, be it drugs, promiscuity, or cutting of her arms she becomes exactly what she believes she is. Obviously many portly teenage girls don't become self pity obsessed has beens just like many blacks are much more successful than I will ever be. It's the perceived culture that we see that was personified by the actions in New Orleans that I speak of. The culture won't improve because the people don't want it to. I also see this behavior in other cultures. Poor white "trash" culture exhibits this exact behavior. They hate that which they can't have and are convinced the "man" is out to get them. But they don't aspire to leave that behind. Cultures like this basically feel like they get what they deserve which I can live with, it is the denial and demanding that bugs the poop out of me.

Of course I could be wrong.
The Vic

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Gift to You

From January 1992, through May 1993, I kept a journal. Notice I did not say diary. Diaries are for those who desire to express their feelings, like women and queers. A journal is a manly record of events, minus the "how does this make me feel" part. I kept a journal. The primary objective of the endeavor was to track my weight loss--although by the time I logged my first entry I had already lost 80 of the 110 pounds that I would eventually lose--and to record my workouts. But I noted other things as well. And you're in luck because I'm in a giving mood.

These selections are not random, but they are typical. They are unedited and exactly as they appear in the original. Current comments are in parentheses.

(First entry)--Jan. 24, 1992
weighed 249 on digital scales at K-mart
(cool, huh?)

Feb 2, 1992
Vicar came over - ate lunch- went to Prestonwood Mall -
severely sprained left ankle throwing football-
played gin rummy after going to dr. for xrays
(see, nothing about yelling like a girl)

April 8, 1992
Read some more of "Birds do the strangest things" to girls. Played word games w/ T on magic slate
Vicar called-had major confrontation w/ E Jones at school

Sept 9, 1992
walked 1 hr- ran 18:05

Nov 8, 1992
ran 31:06-morning
Vicar + family came over
watched dallas beat detroit 37-3
went to prestonwood mall
threw football
played 1 game of gin rummy--he won

Dec 9, 1992
ran 25:30-morning
water off all day-went to work w/o shower

Jan 31, 1993
ran 20:36
all went to vicar's
watched dallas beat buffalo 52-17 in super bowl 27

Feb 21, 1993
vicar + family came over
threw football
went to mall
R threw up on couch

(last entry, sorry)
May 4, 1993
walked 1 hr

I've got a lot more, especially stuff about me reading to and playing games with my kids. Be nice and maybe I'll share some of that with you later. What an interesting life.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Evidently, a group of white college kids who attend a small agricultural university(Tarleton State) in Stephenville, Texas, had a theme party. Instead of wearing togas they dressed up like "G's" to celebrate MLK day. They dined on fried chicken and washed it down with Colt 45 malt liquor. Now in my humble yet absolutely correct opinion, a group of kids getting drunk and acting stupid isn't even local news much less national news, yet this story is all over the internet, the major networks and even Fox. Snarling anchors and indignant columnist throw out words like appalling, shocking, disgusting,and shameful to describe the event. There seems to be considerably more outrage over this tasteless party than there is over, say, Vermont's judicial idiocy that allowed a wife-beating, child rapist to go free. The media has done everything short of sending Mike Nifong down there to wreck the kid's lives in defense of a non-existant victim. I feel confident that law suits will be forthcoming. I think the next time some black guy refers to me as a "cracker" I'll try to get it on the national news and then sue him. Who knows, I might get some new bling and couple of fo'ties out of the deal.

Disgustedly Yours,

P.S. If everyone would stop saying illegal aliens and start saying undocumented residents, like the liberals do, then everything would be okay, and we might even come to worship our new third world overlords.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

If loving me is wrong then I Don't have to be .....

Right. That is correct and should come as a shock that I, the Vic does not have to be right. I Can say I am wrong. Now the younger Vic would've and did've fight over rightness that wasn't so right. It was a fantabulous and joyfulness day when I swam across the river Dogmatism and baptised myself from my earlier sin. Why must I right write? What is the point? Well as a casual observer of politics I have noticed the inability for people to concede ANY point. Good points are ignored or attacked, no one is willing to admit wrongness. Especially the shrill left, thought the religious right runs a good race. I haven't seen the studies but I bet if they imaged the brain of people while they were having politigous thoughts they would see an area of the brain light up that screams NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY DO OR SHOW I CANNOT OR WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND. NOT ONLY WILL I NOT CHANGE I MAY KILL YOU OR AT LEAST HOLD YOU DOWN TILL YOU SQUEAL LIKE A GIRL! It is a fascinating subject. From War, to elections to simple things like The best movie of all time is or the best football team of all time is. I know I may be an anomaly or maybe what I see is the anomaly but it seems that humans thrive on their comfortable rightness cocoon. I have decided admitting wrongness makes the rightness sweeter. In other words one is more right if they can say hey I was mistaken. It is like my belief ( that is discardible) that people who can't change their opinions and who are arguing from a bastion of unchange, invalidate the argument. So if people could say hey I was wrong then they are more right than those who can't when they are.
Just my thoughts and hey as always I COULD BE WRONG
the Vic

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Memories are Made of This

It's funny the things you remember. Many years ago I was watching one of those news-magazine shows, probably 20/20, and in one of the segments some scientist was explaining how the average household is not much more than a pit of filth. Most of it was stuff that everyone has heard, like how a kitchen cutting board is more germ-ridden than a toilet, blah, blah, blah. What got my attention, and caused me more than a little trauma, was when the little scientist guy began talking about how nasty laundry can be. He stated that in the typical family of four, the water from a load of laundry contains so many parts per million of fecal matter. I don't remember the exact amount, I just remember that it exceeded my feces comfort level. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share.


Sunday, January 7, 2007

Just Thinking

Not in my lifetime, but someday, every American will be at least as much mexican as Halle Barry is black.
Numbers don't lie
In the U.S. black women make up 6% of the population, but have 40% of the abortions. Since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973 this translates into about 14 million black babies that didn't have a chance to be supported by state and federal government until they were able to grow up and mooch, breed, rob, rape, and kill. In my heart of hearts I am anti-abortion--mainly because the left gets such a kick out of killing unborn babies--but these numbers give me pause.
Bush lied, people fried
We're all going to die! The Cherry Blossoms are blooming in January! Those poor people in the northeast. No cold, dreary winter for them this year. For a while, at least, they're going to have to suffer through 70 degree daytime temperatures instead the the 30 degrees and snow they're used to. The media and the rest of the global warming fear mongers who are in a panic over this mid-winter good weather spell are some of the same people that scoff at folks who believe in God. The irony tickles me.
Back in Black
As of today the city of New Orleans is on pace for 416 murders in 2007. Eight murders in seven days out of a population of about 200,000. Nice place. For the sake of comparison, Dallas, a top ten violent crime city, had 202 murders in 2005 out of a population of 1 million. We need more abortions.

Wisdom and I are One,

King Selfish

Saturday, January 6, 2007


I know that I, the really interesting writer of the Trifata, have been conspicuously absent from our most holy site. Well between seeing my chillens, traveling, drinking and playing world of whorecraft, I have been too preoccupied to type any thoughts. I even had a good couple of rants in my head, but they had drifted off with the wind that blows through my ears and alas they have yet to hit the page. I will say this though, I'll let my humbly egotistical partners quibble about womenesque subjects like "top ten films" , "greatest TV Chefs of all time", or "who carries bigger packages UPS or FEDEX men?" While I , the great one discuss meaningful and timely subjects such as "what brand of macaroni is the best?" or "when shaving which are the best strokes , up and down or side to side?" So until I can articulate more greatness through my keyboard I'll let my esteemed and subtly effeminate colleagues have their fun.

The Vic