Friday, October 31, 2008

Civil War if Obama Loses

According to dried up old feminists like Erica Jong, if "The One" loses the election, civil war will break out and "blood will run in the streets". Let's see now, hippies, homies, and faggy actors VS real Americans. If it's true it would be the shortest war in history because the good guys have the hardware.

While some faggy actors own guns they usually hire regular people to carry them, so they are screwed. Note to hippies, BODY ODOR WON'T STOP BULLETS! While the homies do have "they nines" it's hard to be very effective when your only tactic is to run away holding your pants up with one hand and firing wildly behind you with a cheap pistol.

Even if Ms. Jong is right I predict that we decent Americans will be home from the "second civil war" in time for supper.


King Selfish said...

Indeed. Now, by faggy do you mean homosexual, or do you mean emotionally overwrought liberal sissy boys? Or both?

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Both. I am far to lazy to type "emotionally overwrought liberal sissy boys" when I can just put "faggy". This is probably one of the many reasons no one pays me to write stuff.

Brian said...

I think this would have been the best thing for this country. The sooner "REAL AMERICANS" can start running this country again, the sooner we can focus on its real problems... like cleaning up all the rubble leftover from the what once was a mosque, or building enough cargo planes to start shipping all the liberals out of here and back to the land they truly love... cuba, or the like. I fear that day will only come when the government shows up at my door with the misled idea that he will be leaving in anything other than a body bag when he comes for my guns! This country truly needs General Patton reincarnated as President Patton!