Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Korea after dark

The largest blob of light up there is the South Korean capital city of Seoul. It's an active metropolitan area of over 10 million souls who do pretty much what free people everywhere do. They go to movies, eat out, waste time on the internet, and so on. For contrast check out Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It's not hard to find but if you have trouble start at the little communist dictator's forehead and go due left until you reach the only speck of light in the country. People there pretty much do what oppressed people everywhere do...what they're told.

The next time the little commie leader threatens to destroy America you can think of this photo and laugh. And if you're ever in the presence of some stupid lefty who's screeching that war is not the answer, tell them to look at this photo and then ask themselves if they think the Koreans on either side of the 38th parallel feel the same.

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vulcandeathgrip said...

I bet he is so ronery, so ronery