Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Schooling O'Reilly

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Bill O. spanking him for his stupid comments last night.

Dear Bill,

Even though you are a little too liberal for me, I watch and enjoy your program every night. While you have made several remarkably dumb statements over the years,the one about agreeing with hate crime charges against the college student who put the koran in the toilet, takes the cake. If burning the American flag, on American soil and thereby spitting on the graves of tens of thousands of brave patriots isn't a hate crime, then putting the terrorists handbook where it belongs shouldn't be either.

He will probably be so impressed that he'll want me to be a regular contributor, if so, King, I'm going to need to borrow that really cool charging bull elephant tie of yours.

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King Selfish said...

Bill O is an idiot, but maybe he'll read your email and make you famous.

I'm not sure I still have the elephant tie, but it's possible that I have it stored in a trunk. I'll check later, if I feel up to the tusk.


Coincidently, the arresting officer in the Koran desecration fiasco, Detective Faisal Khan, is a Muslim and a member of the American Muslim Law Enforcement Officers Association. He was recently nominated for a board position of this fine association of peace. True.


One more thing. The guy who did the Piss Christ a few years ago was not only not charged with a hate crime, he received a $15,000 government grant for his efforts. Wanna bet that the government won't fund a Piss Koran?