Friday, August 31, 2007

For those about to rock, here's Elvis

Interview with the Los Angeles Times, 1957...

Wally George: "When will you write more songs?"
Elvis: "That's all a hoax. I can't even read music."
George: "What about your guitar?"
Elvis: "Can't play it -- use it as a brace."
George: "What do you think of rock 'n' roll?"
Elvis: "It's the greatest ever, mainly because it's all I can do."


Preparing to meet a group of Scandinavian Princesses, 1960...

"Is it another of those highness deals?"


At his only meeting with the Beatles, 1965, as remembered by Paul McCartney...

"Look guys, if you're just going to stare at me, I'm going to bed."


Commenting on his movie career, mid 60's...

"The only thing worse than watching a bad movie, is being in one."


Again on his movie career, 1969...

"I get tired of playing a guy who gets into a fight, then starts singing to the guy he's just beat up."

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