Friday, August 24, 2007

Is it just me?

While campaigning in New Hampshire, Hillary warned that any terrorist attacks between now and the elections, would help the GOP. Is it just me, or does anybody else think that she is speaking directly to the bad guys? It's like she's saying, "Listen guys if you want me to get elected, and I know you do, then play along with the leftist contention that you either don't exist or are not a threat. Every time some of you heroic jihadist manage to defeat some evil, Zionist, women and children in hard fought combat it just makes the Conservatives and their nazi/mercenary military more determined to hunt you down and turn your heads into oily clouds of pink mist. So lay low friends, at least until I'm elected."

Note to self: Only shoot politically incorrect politicians, that way, eventually you will get out of jail, even if you wound a few bystanders. We can probably expect to see John Hinckley making millions on the lecture circuit before long.

Disgustedly Yours,

The Archduke

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King Selfish said...

Her Thighness obviously had a weak moment and actually said what she really thinks. She is correct in her assertion, of course. Even the most devoted leftist will have to admit that when Republicans aren't distracted with such things as creating tax breaks for the rich, or designing new and exciting ways to destroy mother earth, they are top-notch killers of the evil-doing person of sand. For that matter, the only group better at killing Muslims is...other Muslims. No more blood for oil, dammit!