Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heck Yes

What with the great Charlton Heston recently dying and all, I decided to pay my respects by watching Will Penny, one of his better movies. For those who aren't familiar, it's a western from 1968 and for it's time and type not a bad film. Anyway, while I was watching it I decided to get on these here internets to find out who was playing the part of the annoying kid. Turns out it's the same guy who some 36 years later played the part of one of my favorite movie characters ever. He's the one in the foreground. Gosh!


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Who would have ever thought that the kid in "Will Penny" would grow up and be able to "throw a football over those moutnains"?

On a blog business note, we need to get some of those Uncle Rico shirts. Imagine you, me, and the Vicar making public appearances wearing matching, skin tight, powder blue, Uncle Rico shirts. We would be SO hot!

King Selfish said...

Good idea, Archduke. You deserve a delicious bass.

theguywithoutastupidname said... off the subject but speaking of bass and other delicious meats i thought you guys might like this link. (above)

King Selfish said...

Ordinarily I don't dig on canine. But there's something about those peta freaks that makes me want to steal a poodle from one of them and grill it.