Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ted Turner is Insane

He's not just eccentric or just stupid, he is a certifiable lunatic. He is the vice-president of the tinfoil hat wearing, feces smearing, booger eating moron association. And he also happens to be the largest individual land owner in these United States. How did this happen? He even looks like the creerdo that he is, with his queer little mustache and his pedo-smile. I hope the cannibals get him first. Okay I'm over that now.


theguywithoutastupidname said...

maybe i am behind in the news, but what sparked that rant ?

King Selfish said...

He's nuts all right. He's Howard Hughes without the long curly fingernails. And yet his pocket change is worth more than we'll ever make.

Tara said...

I'm still laughing over "pedo-smile"