Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Clueless Left

It is hard not to feel a twinge of pity for our homegrown America haters when the very people they try desperately to cozy up to spit in their faces. Watching the smelly little iranian prophet monkey call the Obama administration weak for agreeing to talk reminds me of one of those teen movies where the fat girl with braces and acne can't make a friend no matter how hard she tries.

Conservatives learn from history so we know that the muslims want us subjugated or dead. We know that the only reason the enemies of America prefer leaders like Obama is that such leaders make us that much easier to defeat. Leftists don't appear to learn at all. Since they hate America AND our foriegn enemies hate America, the homegrown leftist can't understand why all of that hating doesn't lead to a big hatred hugfest. Hello, you are still Americans and they will always hate you! It is sad and scary that they are too stupid to see this but still smart enough to win an election.

Radical islam and hardcore communist hate Jane Fonda and Jeremiah Wright as much as they hate Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, but they can't dupe the latter into helping them harm America. It is a fact that traitors are almost always despised, not only by the people they betray but by the benefactors of that betrayal as well. George W. tried hard to appease the left wing in this country and look where that got him and us. If President Obama uses the same tactics to deal with our external enemies, he and we, will suffer.


vulcandeathgrip said...

well put !

King Selfish said...

It is said that Vladimir Lenin had a name for Americans who sympathized with the Soviets. It still applies to the Left - "useful idiots".

Brian said...

It's not that they are smart enough to win elctions... it's that we are dumb enough to give it to them! John McCain? lol that was the best the republicans could come up with? I live in Pennsylvania and I was so PISSED about not being able to vote for my guy in the primary because all that was left was John McCain!