Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Week in Islam

It seems things may be on the upswing in the Muslim world. A 23 year old Saudi woman was recently-gang raped by 5 dudes who probably look a lot like this pig. The good news is that instead of being stoned to death for adultery she was sentenced to a year in jail and 100 lashes. It's a start.

A publisher and editor of a newspaper in Calcutta have been arrested for hurting the feelings of Muslims. Seriously.

Remember Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician and film-maker who was charged with hate crimes in Amsterdam for his Islam documentary? Well, the British House of Lords invited him to England to show his film, then a British Muslim in Parliament threatened to have 10,000 frothing Muslims riot in the streets, then the House of Lords told Wilders to forget the whole deal, then he said screw you I'm coming anyway, then he went to England where he was met by customs officers at Heathrow airport, then he had his passport confiscated and was told to go home, then he said the Brits were a bunch of girls.

And that ends this week's This Week in Islam.

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