Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boxer is a bitch, explained

Dennis Prager explains why Barbara Boxer is a bitch and why white Christian males are better than everyone else.

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Words Twice said...

I don't disagree with Prager's assessment at all. Apparently, a lot of allegedly native English speakers are not aware of proper forms of address. However, one other aspect of this that I don't think has been fully addressed is how many militant feminists, and even younger women who don't necessarily fall into the that category, find the term “ma'am” archaic and derogatory, even though it is not. This is similar to PC obsession with using gender neutral terms like “firefighter” rather than “fireman”. Boxer clearly has little or no familiarity with proper formal address or protocol, and assumes that the cave man in uniform must be condescending to her by calling her “ma'am”, while completely ignorant of the exact reverse meaning and intent.

I frequently hear groups of young women refer to each other as “you guys”. That always annoys me. Apparently “gals” sounds too redneck? However, if you ask someone on the street, “Hey, did you see a group of guys walk by here a few minutes ago?”, they will assume you mean a group of males, of course.