Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monkey business

Pat Buchanan takes on Darwinism.


The Vicar of Vanity said...

What a devious way to get me back to the comment table. This is where the right becomes the left when it comes to arguing a point. Attacking Darwin and the origin of the "Origin of the Species" and the people who have faked evidence to prove evolution doesn't really address the theory. Marginalizing the argument by calling it Darwinism instead of what it is, somehow is supposed to lower the value of the theory. Most theories change as more evidence comes in and contrary to the religious right's hopes, the more evidence we get the more support for the theory we have. I will not (because as everyone knows I am too lazy) rehash the entire theory but I challenge people to study it without preconceived ideas and come to your own conclusion. In my opinion the evidence is so overwhelming that even my skeptical nature is overwhelmed. It fascinates me that the religious right equates the theory of evolution as precluding a supreme being and to me this reflects insecurity of the aforementioned group. Evolution was not put forth to disprove a god it is simply an explanation for the mechanism of the changes that are taking place in all life forms.

King Selfish said...

I'll take your comment to mean that a trip to the intelligent design museum is out of the question.