Friday, February 16, 2007

To hell with em

Bank of America has seen fit to give credit cards to members of the third world army of occupation that is currently bivoacked in my country. So to hell with BoA.

The NFL refused to air a commercial aimed at recruiting border patrol officers so as not to offend members of the third world army of occupation that is currently bivaocked in my country. So to hell with the NFL.

Steyr- Mannlicher (a high end Austrian gun manufacturer) recently decided to sell 800 of their well made .50 caliber bolt action sniper rifles to Iran. Shockingly, these weapons ended up in Iraq and have been used to kill Americans. So to hell with Steyr - Mannlicher. Yes, Mr. S. and Mr. M. this means that I will no longer be lusting for one of your nifty little scout rifles, so there!

Outragedly Yours,



King Selfish said...

What you said. Although, I have had an account with BOA for nearly 20 years and it would be a real pain to change accounts and such. So, I'm with you on the to hell with thems for the other two, but to make it easier for me I will continue to do business with Bank of America and their third world army of occupation. Under protest, of course.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

I see, patriotism is great right up until it causes you some minor inconvenience. If everybody had felt that way in 1941 we'd be speaking Japanese now. Dennis Miller made a point to show the wthdrawal slip he got from BoA on national television. He said it took 3 minutes and urged all TRUE patriots to switch to Wells Fargo and get checks with pictures of Sam Houston like he did. But if you're scared just say so.

The Archduke

The Vicar of Vanity said...

So I won't be opening an account with BOA, there I have done my part.