Saturday, February 10, 2007

Will it ever end?

Sweet Jesus, please make it stop. How loooong can the media bludgeon us over the head with details of the death of a talentless, semi-retarded, drug addled, gold digging, whore? Evidently, I am the only one who doesn't regard Anna Nicole Smith's life as "a train wreck that we couldn't look away from." As far as I'm concerned her life was rusty green bean can on the side of the road that I wouldn't even have noticed if it weren't constantly shoved in my face. Why not use some of that wasted air time to give us short bio's on the brave and patriotic soldiers, marines, and sailors that have been killed fighting terrorism? I know, I know, that is just crazy talk, but couldn't they at least use that time for something more interesting and instructive like a story on a guy who tunes up his own lawnmower or can make funny noises in his armpit? Anything would be preferable to this because, now, they are just beating a dead whore...oops.....I meant horse.

Absolutely Correctly Yours,



King Selfish said...


Sad thing is, celebritards sell, especially dead ones.

The Vicar of Vanity said...

I ditto the ditto, no truer words could be said. No news is news, it's all about the ratings.