Saturday, June 2, 2007


I don't think the blog is dying just yet. Our traffic has remained fairly steady since we started, it kind of comes in spurts. Speaking of Bush, did anyone else see him bowing down to the global warming silliness? Please don't tell me he has backbone, I am officially sickened. Oh and what about Sillary Clinton's speech admitting that she is a socialist, she wants to redistribute wealth and the poor are getting poorer ad nauseum ( probably the biggest lie of the left) Well at least she admitted it, what is sad isn't the rhetoric it is the belief in the rhetoric. Are people really this stupid and blind? If so there is little hope for the country or the world. The anomaly of greatness that the U.S. was is slowly slipping back into the shit hole of life that was the state of the world since the beginning and is still true in much of the world today.

It is sad
The Vic


King Selfish said...

Sweet Hillary can pander with the best of them. She needs the extreme left, so she voted against the war funding, and in the next week or so she praises the virtues of socialism. What a gal. And when it comes to George, he can't get out office soon enough to suit me. He's like a flesh eating disease on the Republican body.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Don't worry so much about W's u-turn on global warming,the massive influx of diseased, third world bug eaters will kill us all long before the global warming legislation has a chance to bankrupt us.