Sunday, September 23, 2007

Donovan Mcrybaby

Donovan McNabb's self piteous whining on HBO's Real Sports is an example of what is wrong with black America. Black quarterback's as is very obvious, are over hyped and pushed on the populace by almost every announcer that ever announced an NFL game. Most never have lived up to the greatness tag foisted upon them. Besides Warren Moon and maybe Doug Williams and arguably Randall Cunningham who used to be the most overhyped quarterback in the history of the game in my opinion, none that I can think of have lived up to the billing. So instead of being grateful for the love given by pandering announcers and writers he (they) see themselves as still having to overcome greater pressure than their counterparts. This is exactly what black America does. In spite of every attempt to make up for the white sin of the past, in spite of stacking the odds in their favor for jobs and school, in spite of ignoring most problems in the black community, black America feels like they are sooo mistreated and it is sooo unfair and nobody cares. Well it is obvious coddling the cry babies didn't do anything but creat a spoiled class of people who don't appreciate the white self policing that allows this country to have more opportuinity for blacks than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! A country that went from Racism to allowing McCrybaby to earn millions of dollars playing a game and airing his views for a national audience on a show hosted by another oppressed member of his race. Life sucks huh. Come on Black america, I have said it before, leave your collective adolescence behind and enter adulthood so you can enjoy the fruits of the labors that white America worked/works hard to give you.

The Vic