Monday, September 10, 2007

Nasty Pelosi

I see where Speaker of the House Nasty Pelosi (D-umb bitch) said that General Petreaus' report was "simply unacceptable". I guess she didn't get the memo that said that her acceptance was neither desired or required, by anyone relevant. Evidently no one in Washington is capable of convincing this self-important old whore to focus her attentions on things she, A. understands B. has some control over. Not to be unChristian, but I sincerely hope that as I write this she is somewhere alone, choking on a chicken bone.

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King Selfish said...

She most certainly is a D-umb bitch. I'd like to know what it was about the Petraeus report that she found simply unacceptable. Was it his measured, reasoned assessment of what is going on over there? Or his plan to begin a gradual troop withdrawal? Or his opinion that while things are not perfect, there have been serious, albeit uneven, improvements of late? If I know Speaker Nasty it's none of the above, she's just mad the General won't surrender. KFC for everyone.