Friday, January 18, 2008

John McCain Sucks (part two)

My dictionary defines the word hero as "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities". Because this is a broad and somewhat subjective definition I find it necessary, sometimes, to use comparisons in order to determine who is and isn't a hero. In my opinion service in the military suggests that one is a brave and patriotic American but does not automatically qualify one as a hero. If, after one's service, they are described as a good soldier/sailor/airman/marine by others of that ilk, that is high praise indeed, but still not enough to elevate them to hero status. Men like I have just descibed, while not heroes, come much closer than someone who simply survives an ordeal. Suviving makes one, well, a suvivor. And often surviving involves some pretty unheroic behavior. Enter John McCain.

Senator McCain wrote, in "U.S. News and World Report" and in his autobiography "Faith of My Fathers" that he traded military information for medical treatment AND signed a war crimes confession. He confessed to this IN PRINT and has admitted that he is ashamed. For his cooperation he was given special treatment including some of the best medical attention North Vietnam had to offer, something which was definitely NOT available to less conversable prisoners. In my mind Senator McCain's failure to adhere to the Military Code of Conduct by no means makes him a coward or a traitor but it does preclude him being considered a hero by any sensible person.

If John McCain was anything other that a self promoting, power hungry, politician he would not trade on his checkered military service and he would never let anyone refer to him as a hero. Whenever one of his political backers or rivals panders by calling him a hero the Senator from Arizona should correct them and provide them with the names of REAL heroes, some of whom, like Lance Sijan, Don Brooks and Rocky Versace died in captivity because they refused to submit.

As I write this the Senator is on TV whining about being smeared by people who dare to question his hero status. It is a wonder he can sleep at night much less look in the mirror long enough to shave.

In closing I would strongly urge everyone to Google the names mentioned above, read about their WITNESSED deeds, then compare them to McCain's and draw your own conclusions.


King Selfish said...

Man, to think I spent all those years despising McCain for no specific reason when there were so many reasons out there. If you keep spreading hate and discontent like this I may have to make you my hero.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

One does what one can.

jbopinionated said...

Thanks for posting this information. Next to Hillary, McCain is probably the most dangerous (for America) candidate currently in the running.
Stop the weasel!!

Anonymous said...

Spread the word and take action. A vote for Huckabee on Super Tuesday is really a vote for McCain. I sent this message to the Mike Huckabee camp requesting that he drop out before Super Tuesday. Send one yourself and pass it along for others to do. We can't afford a McCain nomination as it would yield a Democratic win in November.

"Dear Mr. Huckabee,

You appear to be a man of honor and of your word. You assert that you are a conservative, practicing the ideas and principles that were brought into the mainstream body politic by Ronald Reagan. As you appear to be a man of principle who seeks to serve our nation and the interests of its people above your own personal interests, I would like to make one request of you. Please withdraw from the race prior to Super Tuesday.

If the nation's interests are more important to you than personal power, then you will seriously consider, and respond affirmatively to this request. As you are aware, you are trailing in the polls and stand not to do well enough on Super Tuesday to do anything other than take votes away from other candidates. Unfortunately, the other candidate you will be take the most votes from is the only one still viable that attempts to represent the same conservative values you espouse. In short a vote for you on Super Tuesday in reality is a vote for John McCain.

John McCain will not be our next president. Even if he receives the nomination. He is too liberal to motivate the conservative base, and the mainstream media favoritism he is receiving currently will dry up completely in the general election against the candidate of the mainstream media's favorite party, the democrats.

So you see you hold the power currently to make or break this election for the Republican party and for the welfare of our nation. If you truly are the man of conviction that you appear to be and care for your fellow man the way Christ has taught us to, you will take the soonest opportunity to announce your withdrawal from the race, so that conservative voters can have a clear choice on Super Tuesday and not be divided. Any action to continue your campaign beyond this point can be considered as evidence that you put your want for personal power above principle and the needs of the people of the United States. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


tara said...

Good post.

Cady said...

Interesting to know.