Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Cholesterol News

I should probably read Business Week more often because I found this article on the efficacy of cholesterol lowering drugs quite enlightening. I highly recommend the piece, but it's 6 pages long so I'll be sweet and hit you with a few bullet points in case your health is not worth ten minutes of your time.

(By the way, this is likely the last you'll see of Dr. King Selfish for a while. I need to get back to being good old King Selfish, Possessor of All Wisdom.)

Cholesterol lowering drugs are the best selling medicines in history--25 million people worldwide take them to the tune of almost 28 billion dollars, yet no more than 1% of current patients benefit--assuming I understand the math.

The link between cholesterol and heart disease (if any) is still poorly understood--there is virtually no difference in the cholesterol levels of those who have heart disease and those who don't. Have a cheeseburger.

And more!

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