Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do they really believe?

I have always felt that the class warfare mantra of the left which is preached from the purple mountains majesty, across the fruited plains , from see to shining sea, was just the devious way that the elite of the left tricked the less intellectually fortunate lemmings to follow their dogma of misinformation. Listening to the radio this morning, I heard a well know comic say he didn't like republicans because it is a party of rich white men who are only trying to further their own selfish cause at the expense of the poor and middle class especially people of color. This ideology is so obviously false that my naivety' always told me that this was a tongue in cheek statement to collect a following while the people in the know would give a little wink and nod of knowing approval at the obvious but effective ruse. I think I might have been wrong. The religion of the left is so strong that I think even the elite may believe? Maybe I have given credit where it isn't due, say anything for power and don't believe it, which of course is common for both sides but I am thinking that the liberal (rich) leaders believe this tripe? To steal an idea from Rick James. Self delusion is a helluva drug!

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King Selfish said...

When it comes to class warfare rhetoric, or any other leftist tripe, I can't tell who is a believer and who is a demagogue. To simplify, I just throw them all in the idiot bin. The idea that the republican party exists for rich white men to exploit the less fortunate is laughable. Of all the hardcore right-wing republicans I know, few could afford a John Edwards haircut.