Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I'm taking this opportunity to go on record with my belief that if a liberal wins the White House, and that includes John McCain, we can expect new and even more vigorous attacks on our right to keep and bear arms. Some say that since the Second Amendment haters were so undeniably proven stupid on the assault rifle ban and the right to carry laws, that this issue is dead. As an old campaigner in this war I can tell you, the liberal well of deeeep feeeelings and ignorance never runs dry. Being proven ridiculous with the attendant public humiliation does not deter these people. Some would also say what with all the other problems, murderous muslims,illegal invasion, the economy and so forth, that gun grabbing is, at least on the back burner. Maybe. For now.

With any of the socialists as President we will all come to accept the unending flow of dirty brown squalids crowding in around us. So that won't be a problem anymore. Two of the three liberals in the running would undoubtedly call off the dogs of war and insist that we hug, not kill, moHAMmed's murderous minions. So that won't be a problem anymore. Since I don't even pretend to understand the economy, I'll just mention government spending. The liberals won't slow the bleeding they will just redirect the spray. Instead of spending trillions protecting American interest and defending the rights of unfortunate bug eaters worldwide, the new socialist-in-chief will spend it addicting millions of voters and future voters to government handouts.
So that won't be a problem anymore.

There you have it, with all of those pressing problems solved the top comrade can then re-ignite the fires of unilateral personal disarmament. Thirty years of watching these morons closely has convinced me that few things are more important to them than rendering American citizens defenseless.


King Selfish said...

Our only hope if the liberals take over Washington is that they will be so busy harming America in other ways, they won't have time to ban guns.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

In my view destroying the second amendment is at the top of their list of ways to harm America. When they get comfortable I think it all starts again.