Saturday, June 21, 2008

Slow Down Pat, Your Crazy is Showing

I view the political spectrum as a circle, not a straight line. Think of a clock face. Hardcore, but not crazy, conservatives are at three o'clock. Hardcore, but not crazy, liberals are at nine o'clock. The numbers mean nothing, it's a right side left side thing. An absolute moderate would occupy the twelve o'clock position and a snot slinging radical, FROM EITHER SIDE, would occupy the six oclock position. It is my contention, based on personal experience with family members, that conservatives who continually move to the right will eventually find themselves face to face with liberals who continue to move to the left. They all end up at the bottom of the circle hating America, attempting to tear down her institutions, rewrite her history, and denigrate her heroes. It is of no consequence that crazy right wingers and crazy left wingers arrived at the same point by different routes, once you get to crazy, it doesn't matter whether your instructions come telepathically from God or a redwood tree.

Pat Buchanan, is an intelligent man and when it's between 3:00 and 4:00 o'clock in his mind, he writes some things that ought to be required reading in American universities. But in his latest book he states that Adolph Hitler was a reasonable man, Winston Churchill was a warmonger and WWII was unnecessary. Huh? Deep down Pat Buchanan is, and has been for years, an unrealistic isolationist stuck in the distant past. I mostly like the guy, but I refuse to accompany him or anybody else on a headlong sprint to the bottom of the circle. If the only justification for his ideology is down there, then he needs a new position.

What I'm trying to say is this. Pat, check your watch, because based on this new book it's about 5:45.


King Selfish said...

Yeah, Pat is very likable and often right on, but his flirtation with the political fringe sometimes makes him seem a little loony.

Goldilocks said...

I really enjoyed the clock analogy.