Monday, June 2, 2008

A day in the hood

Take a good look at this guy. Go ahead, he won't hurt you. He may look like a gun totin' bad-ass killer which, in fact, he once was, but he's now dead. He was shot in the neck on the inner city streets of Cleveland by a couple of home boys who got pissed when they discovered he was only carrying $8. I guess they wanted mo money. It may not be relevant, but when this young man died his body was chock plumb full of drugs. Quit it, who are you to judge?

Stories about black dudes from the hood getting murdered for nothing are as common as the hairs in the Vicar's ears, but I got a little extra riled when reading this one.

First, did those two putrid clumps of turd pus really kill a man over a lousy $8? Come on. I don't have the highest opinion of our inner city youth, but my minuscule mind is incapable of understanding how someone could be so stupid, so mean, so devoid of foresight. A hundred dollars maybe, but 8? Idiots.

Second, the murderers were black. Ok, I'm lying. I mean, they were black but that's not why I'm riled. I'm riled because in the half dozen articles I read or scanned about this crime the race of the perps was never mentioned. More to the point, I'm not actually riled because the race of the killers was omitted, but for the reason the race of the killers was omitted: political correctness. We live in a world ruled by grievance mongers where true and relevant information is often suppressed specifically because it is true and relevant. The truth hurts and many don't want the pain.

If you're wondering how I know the bad guys are black, I don't, but I'm so confident that they are I'd bet your life on it. It's really pretty simple:

A. Blacks commit murder at a much higher rate than any other race.

B. The murder occurred in the hood.

C. And this is the kicker. If the crime had been committed by a non-black, especially a white non-black, it would have been mentioned in the story. It's always relevant when a white person commits a crime against a black.

There’s a third and final aspect of this story that has me riled. I mentioned that our young victim was full of drugs when he died. What I didn’t tell you was that he died 4 ½ months after the shooting and the drugs were the various antibiotics, painkillers, etc. that I assume he must have had in his system. Just thought I ought to set the record straight.

Crap! Every time I think I’m finished with this post I remember something. The dead guy is 21 year old Robert Crutchfield - Marine Lance Corporal Robert Crutchfield - who was home on leave from Iraq, standing at a bus stop waiting for his girlfriend when he was gunned down by a couple of disenfranchised youths. You know, I’d be all for bringing our soldiers and marines home from the land of sand and stink, just like the Democrats want, if as soon as their boots hit American soil we could turn them loose on about 100 of our most G infested cities.


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

What a terrible story. I like your idea though, and I'll bet there are a couple of dozen guys in his unit that would be more than happy to perform a mini "surge" and make that neighborhood a safe place to wait for a bus.

The Vicar of Vanity said...

It is sad that nothing at all is done about the problems in any inner city in the country. The so called black leaders blame us whiteys, which means they couldn't fix it even if they wanted to since it is our fault. Of course when whitey trys to fix it they are labeled racists. The more I think about it though I am not sure the culture sees it as a plight I almost think some people have so accepted the life they lead that there is nothing to fix. Oh and hairy back man should not pick on hairy eared man since hairy eared man is sensitive about his "condition."

army_wife603 said...

I agree with Archduke, that is a terrible story and I am sure his unit would love to pay a visit to that neighborhood. I say send them in.

Goldilocks said...

Part C is insightful.
I am sad.