Sunday, August 17, 2008

Melting pot my eye!

Has anybody seen the commercial for the preservation of Ellis island? (I think that's what it is for but Richard Belzer gives me terminal remote control finger) This is to help commemorate the melting pot that America was. Immigration has always been a huge part of our country's heritage and population. All of us but the pure blood native Americans can trace their blood line to people from across an ocean. This country assimilated people from all over the world (mainly Europe) to form a great country. What in the world is this rant about? It is about the new concept of immigration. Instead of a melting pot we now are a nation which is a density tube. A density tube is simply a container where liquids of different densities are poured and they naturally separate as the picture illustrates. That is what our immigrants are doing now. They leave their countries physically but then try to recreate their homeland here. Our society is becoming more fragmented. America does have a culture and I believe that any immigrant should try to become part of that culture. Am I saying forget the good of their former homeland? Of course not. I am saying become an American. I fear this problem will only get worse until our country is one giant density tube of peoples who reform the countries they were so eager to leave. But HEY I COULD BE WRONG!

The Vic