Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where is Blackjack Pershing When We need Him

I don't understand how any American can read this entire article and not be enraged, humiliated, and disgusted, all at the same time. As backward and corrupt as Mexico is, the "septic tank of North America" still manages to be violently arrogant. It is long past time to start teaching some old time Texas Ranger lessons on the border. When the trees down there are so thick with hanged Mexican drug dealers, soldiers, child molesters, and murderers that you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one, I'll bet our border problems go away.


Wonder Woman said...

Absolutely disgusting. I can't believe how incidents like those are just ignored as much as possible :-S

theguywithoutastupidname said...

wow ! I especially enjoyed the part about the american funded hummers that help transport dope and the dope guarding mexican soldiers into the U.S. That is what I call tax dollars hard at work.

King Selfish said...

What with all the drug running that needs doing you wouldn't think the mexican military would have time for this nonsense.