Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why do white people

look down on black people? Why are our African American brethren treated so poorly by the European American establishment? This accusation by blacks, some of it but not near as much as alleged is deserved, is so prevalent that it is just considered truth by mainstream media and our all seeing all wise government who bend over backwards to cater to or try to atone for euromerica's past sins. But I've been thinking that it isn't just cracker society that looks down on blacks, black society itself looks down on itself. They believe that which they decry. I believe they think they deserve their "plight." Black society lives up to it's own lower expectations. They don't expect to succeed so they don't try, their cultural low self esteem in my humble sense of opinion is more of a reason for lack of overall success than the hard heel of oppression that the saltine sultans press upon them. Self fulfilling prophecy is the reason for the high crime and high dropout rate. Black culture is that angry chubby teenage girl who realizes she isn't gonna be the prom queen so she quits striving for popularity and becomes much less than she could, be it drugs, promiscuity, or cutting of her arms she becomes exactly what she believes she is. Obviously many portly teenage girls don't become self pity obsessed has beens just like many blacks are much more successful than I will ever be. It's the perceived culture that we see that was personified by the actions in New Orleans that I speak of. The culture won't improve because the people don't want it to. I also see this behavior in other cultures. Poor white "trash" culture exhibits this exact behavior. They hate that which they can't have and are convinced the "man" is out to get them. But they don't aspire to leave that behind. Cultures like this basically feel like they get what they deserve which I can live with, it is the denial and demanding that bugs the poop out of me.

Of course I could be wrong.
The Vic


King Selfish said...

Who is responsible for the 73% (73%!) out of wedlock birthrate among blacks? You guessed it, blacks. No, wait, it's the Man.

When a young black man is persecuted for attempting to achieve academically, who is doing the persecuting? Right again, other blacks. Unless, of course, it's the Man.

Who's to blame for the fact that black men commit murder at a rate 2-3 times any other race in these United States? Blacks, dammit! Although maybe the Man and George W have something to do with it.

Who is tripping all over themselves to award an affirmative action inspired scholarship, job, promotion, or whatever the hell else to any semi-industrious, marginally talented black that comes along? Ok, you got me, this time it really is the Man.

The same Man that has been kissing black ass since the civil rights movement. And the same Man that would like nothing more than for blacks to be happy and successful so they would shut up, stop whining, and slow down on the stealing, raping, and killing.

Hell, I don't know, maybe the Man is some kind of demon that has taken possession of the black and forced him to drop out, produce countless illegitimate fun babies, murder in the name of "keepin' it real", and generally underachieve in every possible way.

I'm "tired".

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Great post and great reply. I couldn't have said it better myself. Wait a minute, what am I saying? Of course I could have said it better, but you guys said it first and did a good job... for you.