Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mugabe: Another Carter Success Story

As a British colony, Rhodesia was "the breadbasket of Africa" as Independent Zimbabwe it is now just another open sewer on the Dark Continent. In the decades preceding 1979 Rhodesia was something that "Mother Africa" rarely sees, a net exporter of food. It was a beautiful country with a strong economy, friendly people and excellent hunting. But alas, it had one fatal flaw, the white people who had created it insisted on running it as well.

Enter the bleeding hearted Carter administation and the bloody handed soviet union, these two groups(along with some British leftist) conspired to "save" Rhodesia from the very people who had carved it out of the wilderness. And save it they did, in a way that only a great statesman like "Goober" Carter can. The Carter/communist cospirators quickly removed the tough, right wing prime minister Ian Smith and replaced him with Marxist terrorist Robert Mugabe. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After 28 years of Mugabe rule the country not only doesn't export food, it can't even feed itself and is totally dependent on the kindness of white countries whose farmers understand that whole "agriculture" thing. In free Zimbawe, the life expectancy for males is 37yrs and for females 34. In free Zimbawe 18% of the adults have AIDS and 25% of the children are orphans, but the good news is that the inflation rate hovers around 21,000%. No, that's not a typo.

President Carter and President Mugabe are tight. As soon as Mugabe took power he was immediately invited to the White House to celebrate this great victory for his people. And to show how total his support was, Carter made sure that the American embassy was the first to be built in the new country of Zimbabwe. Makes you proud doesn't it?

The situation is so bad now, that even the kool-aid drinking liberals in America are starting to notice. And as soon as they figure out a way to blame it on Conservative Americans you can count on hearing much more about it.

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King Selfish said...

Jimmy Carter has been personally responsible for so much human misery that even his intentions should be questioned. He and his happy habitat for humanity ass should be sent to Zimbabwe and forced to build a house for every one that Mugabe has destroyed.