Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nasty Pelosi: Super Hero

" I'm trying to save the planet; I'm trying to save the planet."- Nancy Pelosi (D-ranged old whore) This woman seems to think that she is the star in her very own science fiction movie.

The arrogance required to believe that humans, i.e. ants in the afterbirth, are capable of destroying the planet is beyond that which even I possess. But even that arrogance pales by comparison to what is needed for a Botox filled old bimbo to think that she is the savior of Earth.
She is obviously planning on succeeding, otherwise she wouldn't bother pimping her new book, "Know Your Power", it's all about getting more women into leadership positions. I must admit, I don't fully understand the logic behind choosing leaders based solely on their plumbing, but it's probably okay since it appears we have decided to to pick one based solely on his pigmentation.

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King Selfish said...

I'd feel better if I thought her stupidity was an act.