Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nutroot's nation

Noticed there was a big blogger's convention in Austin last week. As a matter of fact it was a liberal blogger's convention. This was a bigger gathering of nuts than the annual Okmulgee Oklahoma pecan festival. There were two prominent goober's who addressed the salty ones and were greeted by cries of adulation from the rabid following. Let me just say this, if you look up in any way to Pelosi and Gore then you should slowly fold up your laptop, set it down, and back away. I mean NOW! Go back to playing candy land and mystery date and forget you actually thought you were having thoughts. One good thing about the Nutrooters and their leaders, they sure make us (kingie poo, The great Arch dookie, and humble me) look pretty... pretty good.


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

The nuts in the top picture look delicious, the ones in the bottom picture are kind of nauseating.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

By the way, Nasty Pelosi's perpetually frozen, Botox induced, death rictus is the stuff of nightmares.