Monday, November 24, 2008

The Final Daughter Speaks

The Final Daughter has just turned 13 and now feels that her views on race in America should be heard. The following is them.

As The Hood Turns

Many blacks in America don't seem to appreciate the advantages they enjoy simply for being black. For instance, backs can call whites whatever they want "whitey", "cracker" etc. but whites have to call them "African American". For me the term "African American" should be used only for those who were born in Africa, and not for people who feel the title pertains to them because their ancestors from long ago were African, if that is the case then I insist upon being referred to as "European American". Everyone in America is forced to endure "Black History Month", which is a bit presumptuous on their account, seeing as how we have yet to establish an "Everybody History Month". My understanding is that Martin Luther King Jr. argued for equal rights for blacks not special rights for blacks. Another advantage is the United Negro College Fund, I myself am still waiting to hear from the United Caucasian College Fund. The special treatment doesn't end there, we have "Black Entertainment TV" but not White Entertainment TV. It was recently brought to my attenyion that there is a Miss Black America pageant, I find this beyond ridiculous because there is no Miss White America, Miss Hispanic America, nor a Miss Asian America. How much special treatment is enough? Apparantly decades of lowered expectations delivered on a silver platter isn't enough to stop the whining.

The Final Daughter


the middle daughter said...

Fo Sho!

King Selfish said...

Excellent post, FD. I hope your plans don't include a career in politics.

armywife603 said...

Very well stated FD!