Thursday, November 20, 2008

Speaking of Conspiracy Theories

According to this article if you doubt the existence of "Apocolyptic Man-Made Global Warming or Cooling or Raining a Lot or Not Raining Enough Etc." then you are in the same league with 911 truthers, those who think little green men crashed at Roswell, and believers in the Bush/Cheney hurricane machine(it's in Alaska, no really it is). If this leftist attempt at reality inversion is successful then we can expect a future where Patriotism is equated with belief in the tooth fairy. Oh, wait, that's already happened. Never mind.

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King Selfish said...

Finally, a conspiracy theory I can believe in, number 29. Man made global warming--now most often referred to as climate change because the earth has cooled over the last ten years--is a hoax. And I believe there are many who know it's a hoax but intend to use it as a means to personal and political gain. So, hurray for me, I'm a conspiracy theorist.