Sunday, March 18, 2007

back to Iraq and word of the week

We just put my son in law (along with 230 other soldiers) on a plane to Iraq this morning. It was a lot more fun watching his plane come in than it was watching it fly away, but he's just got 6 months to go then he will be home for good. The first picture is of him holding his SAW (squad automatic weapon), the second is the business end of a .50 caliber machine gun mounted on his HUMVEE, and the third is of the HUMVEE he was driving when it set off an IED. Ordinarily he mans the .50, but for some reason he traded with the driver that day. He said the guy on the .50 got a minor wound and a purple heart and all he got was a mild concussion and some soiled drawers. I informed him that we have enough cool pictures and that there is no need for any further excitement. Hopefully the next six months of his tour will be a little less exhilarating.

Since it is Sunday it must be time for a new word. This week's word is: RECREANT- cowardly, disloyal.

Hollywood's anti-American celebutards are often on camera exhibiting RECREANT behavior.

Try to keep a good thought for the young man pictured above and all of his brothers-in-arms.

Uncharacteristically soberly yours.



King Selfish said...

Cool pics. Maybe if I had a couple of weapons like those I wouldn't be such a recreant.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

If people like us had weapons like those there would be alot of dead drivers out there.