Sunday, March 4, 2007


Apparently the demand for snippets of my wisdom is greater than even I imagined. Of late, I have been besieged by a seemingly endless torrent of pleas for more posts. Not being one to ignore my many admirers or withhold the life sustaining water of my wisdom from the arid, barren minds of the masses, here I am. In order to help the intellectually challenged better understand my lessons, I have decided to implement a vocabulary enrichment program. What this means to you is that every Sunday I will add a new word, it's definition, and a short example of how it applies in the real world.

Today's word is: SOMNIFACIENT- Causing or inducing sleep

An example of something somnifacient would be any post pulled directly from the little diary (he likes to call it a journal) that King Selfish keeps hidden under the huge pile of stuffed animals in the corner of his bedroom.

Almost Unbelievably Unselfishly Yours,


The Vicar of Vanity said...

Uh can you tell me what the last half of the post said? I accidentally fell asleep and missed it.
The snoozer

King Selfish said...

Count this intellectually challenged admirer among those who breathlessly await your word of the week. I intend to jot them down in the notes section of my diary. Maybe for your next one you can teach us the word for someone who offers up a long, uncommon word without some helpful diacritics.


For the Vicar also --

I have said my piece, no more from me about post frequency. Let your conscience be your guide. Scary thought