Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Cowboy

The Dallas Cowboys recently signed a most large African-American offensive lineman by the name of Leonard Davis. If memory serves, the Vicar once had a brief encounter with this fine young man in a men's room. Really. But I digress. There was a biographical sidebar in the paper's story about his signing, and in it I noticed something that struck me as quite out of the ordinary. Here's his bio, see if can you find the tidbit. Hint, it has nothing to do with his size.

Ht: 6-6
College: UT
Hometown: Wortham , Tx
Notable: Earned the nickname Big after growing to 6-0, 205 pounds as a fifth grader. He was 300 pounds as a seventh grader...Started his college career as a defensive tackle: then played left offensive tackle his junior and senior seasons...Played every position on the offensive line with the exception of center for the Arizona Cardinals...Married with two daughters...Is the youngest of 21 half brothers and sisters...His mother, Sammie Lee, has sisters who live in Dallas.

Well, did you catch it? I thought so. Shocking isn't it? A young black man who is actually married to his baby mama. Go figure.

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The Vicar of Vanity said...

That may be the funniest thing you have ever written. I almost spit coffee all over my computer.