Sunday, March 11, 2007

new word

It's time once again, children, for the word of the week.

This week's word is: SOCKDOLAGER- A heavy, finishing blow.

A sockdolager is something that the Vicar might recieve from giant Leonard Davis if one of their brief men's room encounters goes awry.

Just in case you were wondering, it takes one gallon of gasoline to produce six gallons of gasoline but it only takes four and a half gallons of ethanol to produce six gallons of ethanol. Perhaps next week I'll explain the word inefficient to the econazis.

The Archduke

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King Selfish said...

It may only take four and half gallons of gasoline to make six gallons of ethanol now, but by the time the leftest nuts are done that relationship will be inverse. They couldn't stand it any other way.

Remove the first six letters from sockdolager and you will have a word worth knowing.