Sunday, March 4, 2007

Warbal Gloming

Hate to write about this since anyone without an agenda knows that the whole "man is causing the warming of the earth" is an unsupported bag of silliness, but I am gonna say a couple of words. I think the whole point of this made up tragedy is so that lefty leaders can step in and save us which is all about their belief that people need a large loving government to care for them since they can't possibly take care of themselves. That's it. All these Sky is falling scenarios help our government get bigger as it "helps" us. And this MAY include the war on terror but I will talk about that later.
The legislation that will sadly eventually be passed to "combat" the warming is nothing more than a poor tax. It will burden the poorer people in this country tremendously as do many taxes such as gas tax, tobacco tax, alcohol tax and hell even sales taxes in general. The party that stays in power by perpetuating the myth of class difference hurt the have nots they purportedly support. They are always claiming things like Bush is giving tax cuts to the rich and the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. These are straight up lies that the rich democratic leaders spread to keep themselves in power. SOCIALISM I think is their ultimate goal, and ultimately I think they will get it.
All governments eventually self destruct ALL of them do. We are watching the process now. It is probably the beginning of that process but its definitely a mass erosion of the idealism that was put into our original constitution.
Sad thing is this is willful deconstruction. The Al Gores of the world know what they are saying are lies but because it helps perpetuate a socialistic agenda then the ends justify the means. Both sides of course try to stir up their followers by scaring them or pandering and let me be the first one to say that if people vote because of ONE issue such as Global Warming or ABORTION then those people shouldn't be voting. Don't vote. IF you can't see a bigger picture stay home, please.
Anyway there is my ramble I hope all readers who find me a bit put offish or even downright stupid will globally warm up to me since I TRULY KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU.
The Vic

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King Selfish said...

I wouldn't say you are downright stupid, but you do an admirable job of making up for it by being more than a little put offish. However, this is an outstanding post, and I agree with every word of it. Hmm, I wonder which comes first, me thinking it is an outstanding post, or me agreeing with it? That there is an old fashioned chicken or the egg question.

By the way, last night I just happened to catch the South Park episode with Al Gore and the Manbearpig. Good stuff.