Sunday, March 18, 2007

Did anyone notice

that our beloved pres was touring some countries south of the border last week? Did anyone else notice that while traveling in future illegal immigrant land oh Georgie porgie was fellating their president and simultaneously sodomizing his own people? In spite of all the hate spewed by the lefty loonies about the war our biggest let down by Mr. Bush will be his legacy of keeping open the floodgates into our country for ILLEGALS and illegal terrorists. This is simply one of the biggest blunders EVER of any president EVER! The war was/ is necessary in my opinion but the unwilling menage' a trois the American people have been forced into is a perverted sickening shame. Speaking of war, America should never fight another war again. We are like that boxer who is the strongest, fastest , and most skilled of all the boxers in the world but when he is taken to the later rounds he starts doubting his ability to win so he eventually runs away screaming in defeat unable to ever fight again, it is that left brain boxer we have become. SO no more wars for you U.S.A! Well till we can get one of those operations that removes that left portion of our brain at least the far left portion anyways. Well all for me so till then ADIOS AMIGOS!
The Vic


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Yes, I noticed. I for one welcome our new short, smelly, no driving, bug eating overlords.

I don't think it's that we doubt our ability to win (we did that in three weeks) it's that we can't stand the thought of anybody getting their feelings hurt and being mad at us.

King Selfish said...

Yeah, I noticed. He's a loser.