Friday, October 26, 2007

10 Manly Guns

I came across this infotaining piece on Fark. It's one man's version of the ten manliest firearms. It should not be read by women. As for non-gun owning males--assuming this is your only feminine trait--you will enjoy the author's vigorous, witty style. He hates the French, liberals, and other pansies. (p.s. don't get distracted by the misspelling in the title, loser)

As it happens, at one time or another I have owned four of the weapons mentioned. This, as I'm sure you have surmised, makes me manly--to the fourth degree.

Gird your loins, more gun talk may follow.


"If you can't beat 'em, arrange to have them beaten." George Carlin

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The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Where do I start? First, I've owned 6 of the ten which, in addition to countless other factors, makes me AT LEAST half again as manly as you. B: SMLE stands for short MAGAZINE Lee-Enfield not short model. 3rd while the list was cute it is not to be taken seriously. Any positive listing of firearms that includes Moisin-Nagants and/or Kalishnakovs should be printed out and used for asswipe. I strongly suspect that he included the Moisin-Nagant in order to have reason to mention Simo Hayha. Hayha is universally considered to be the greatest sniper ever. Unfortunately, this guy gives the impression that Hayha's remarkable feats were possible because of his rifle. Fact is, he put together his amazing record IN SPITE of the piece of shit rifle he carried. Oh ,and don't worry I'll have plenty more to say on this and related subjects shortly. You are welcome.