Saturday, October 27, 2007

Losers Weapon of Choice

I can't, for the life of me, understand the uninformed's love affair with Mr. Kalishnakov and his Craptastic Carbine. Everywhere I turn (including the History channel) someone is proclaiming this tin and plywood turd, "The Greatest Military Smallarm Ever". Yakshit. In fact the Ak-47 ranks 3rd from the bottom on any real list, ahead of the Moisin-Nagant (another Soviet communist contribution) and any and all of the WWII era Japanese rifles and carbines, which were SO bad that they can be lumped together.

"But Archduke", they whine, "The AK-47 is soooo reliable". That's true, but it sacrifices EVERYTHING else to achieve reliability. It is clunky, junky, unhandy, and hideously inaccurate. So if your main goal in combat is to turn your live ammo into spent cases then by all means copy the Communists and other low brow murderers and grab one. We can all be thankful that the modern armies of the Free World decided to place their emphasis on turning live ammo into dead enemies.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who says that the AK-47 ranks above the M1 Garand, 98 Mauser, 1903 Springfield, FN-FAL, HK 91, or M16 is an idiot. Period.

There is much talk of how many people have been killed by the Ak-47. True, but a large number, if not the majority, of those people were UNARMED. You can kill someone with a sharp stick if HE doesn't have one. And it helps get your numbers up there if in addition to being unarmed the people you shoot are
women and children and/or starving.

I don't have the numbers to prove it but I would bet the farm, that percentage wise, more men in combat, have been shot to death, BY THE M16 ALONE, while holding an AK-47 than any other weapon. So, in conclusion, if you are ready to "shuffle off this mortal coil", just snatch up KOMMIE KAL's pride and joy, back off a couple of hundred yards and start shooting at man with a real rifle. You'll be laid up with your 72 virgins before you can say "Oh Hell, the ARCHDUKE was right again!"

THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS- Providing enemies of America the opportunity to die for their country since 1775.


King Selfish said...

Jeez Louise, can you say miss the point? It's one guy's list of the manliest--as in, not necessarily the best--firearms. He made a point to qualify his list by stating at the outset that his is not the only list.

As for the AK, in the author's words, it is a "communist piece of trash...", and "can be called anything except pretty and accurate."

Get a life dude, and quit being a hater.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

You're giving yourself way too much credit here, slick. This post doesn't even refer to your last post. In fact, all your cheesy little friend did was remind me of how much I hate self proclaimed gun experts. The proper place for a response to your last post would be in the comment section, right where I put it. This is a N-E-W P-O-S-T. Get it? My life is satisfactory and I'll hate whatever I want, thank you very much. I only hope that I haven't displeased Odin so badly that you and crazy Einar feel that you have to seek some Viking revenge. But if you do, you best bring something better than an AK.

King Selfish said...

If you don't shut up I'm gonna tell you to shut up again. So watch it.