Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not Much

Michael Medved argues that America's founders intended a Christian society.


Seven months after receiving a kidney from Everson Walls, Ron Springs is in a coma. Ingrate.


President Bush attended an Ivy League University, so he must be an intelligent man...

"It's a time of sorrow and sadness when we lose a loss of life."

"And so during these holiday seasons, we thank our blessings."

"And my concern, David, is several."

"Whether they be Christian, Jew, or Muslim, or Hindu, people have heard the universal call to love a neighbor just like they'd like to be called themselves."

"We are making steadfast progress."

"People say, how can I help on this war against terror? How can I fight evil? You can do so by mentoring a child; by
going into a shut-in's house and say I love you."

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The Archduke of Arrogance said...

I'm updating my resume but I'm confused. Do they want a bi manager for their project or do they want a manager for their bi project. I may be splitting hairs here but I'm going to need an in depth explantion of my duties and expectations.