Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One little thing

that gets under my skin, and it is something I may have chatted about before, is the representation of criminals on tv. I am not the stat guy that my peers are, but I am gonna step way out on a limb and claim that even though the black population is still a minority in this country, they commit majority of the crime. This isn't a secret to anyone. It isn't even news. What bugs me are the way criminals are represented on TV. From commercials to drama shows, whites are shown to be the ones doing most of the crime. I hate beating the old PC horse, but this is silly. It would be like showing a representation of a football game where the team was made up of 80 -90% white guys so as not to hurt my feelings. The positive representation of blacks on TV started a about 40 years ago and I don't disagree with that, but 40 years of positive black representation or the attempt to show black children that they don't have to grow up to be criminals by NOT showing black criminals is NOT working, and if it is working that is even scarier. We have to quit running from the truth as a society to make people feel better. Denying a problem doesn't make it go away in fact, in my opinion, it makes it worse. Of course I have stated that before and yet things haven't changed. I wonder why?

The Vic

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King Selfish said...

You are correct, sir. Like so many things the left does, not showing blacks and other minorities as criminals on tv and film is a denial of reality. But at least it makes some people FEEL good.

PC, the most destructive element of the left.