Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To give or not to give

My eldest, Lady Selfish, has kindly accepted my invitation to submit a guest post here at Defending the Realm. The following is a piece which she recently published on her own site. It came untitled so I took the liberty.
King Selfish


I can't believe this question or Miss Manners' response.

Dear Miss Manners,
I am a 20 year old college student from Boston and I need your advice concerning giving money to those less fortunate. I honestly try to give as much as I can, however, being that I am a poor college student myself, how do I politely turn down someone who asks me for spare change when cash is low without sounding extremely rude or coming off as I'm better than the asker? The last thing I want to do is make their situation worse than it already is! Thank you for making the world a more polite place, one letter at a time.

Gentle Reader,
And Miss Manners thanks you for recognizing that all human beings should be treated with dignity. That is what you need to convey, whether or not you comply with the request. Just look at the person regretfully and say "Sorry," as you pass."

This is so retarded. A strange person is so PRESUMPTUOUS as to STEAL time and attention from someone who owes them nothing and then DEMAND money from them! This person has no dignity and should not be treated with dignity. I can't stand being approached by crackheads who ramble on and tell lies and complain that the world owes them something, and that I owe them something. This college students' sense of guilt makes me want to retch and the correct response to bums is to say "no" unemotionally and keep walking because even then they keep flapping their mouths and being hateful. No matter how much we give, there is ALWAYS someone else waiting with his hands out, accusing us of being selfish just for having something more! That something wasn't given! Are people not allowed to achieve financial autonomy without immediately being expected to pour it down the toilet? If some guy is pressuring a woman for sex (because he is "less fortunate" in getting it), should the woman offer a respectful "sorry," or should it be a firm, unapologetic "no"?
Our political world is full of pushovers.


King Selfish said...

I'm with you. The idea of feeling guilty for not giving money to a bum is beyond me. And poor Miss Manners, she appears to have lost her mind. Apologize to a bum because you can't spare some cash? Pshaw!

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Well said, Lady Selfish. That is a post befitting our first guest submitter. You have set a high standard for those who follow.

Perhaps the question isn't so much whether to give but what to give. As far as I'm concerned any male crackhead who approaches a female college student is owed, at the very least, a face full of pepper spray. After all, it is the Christmas season, so give until it hurts... them.