Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Open Letter to the True Believers

Dear Believer in Man-Made Global Warming,

We've never met, but I'd like to think that if we did we could develop a deep, mutual hatred.

Just kidding. Seriously though, I think you're an idiot.

For politicians, scientists, and the media to push the man-made global warming hysteria is understandable, they've got a vested interest. Politicians crave power and influence, scientists want the money that the politicians control, and the media is a bunch of whores who know fear-mongering is the easiest way to grab an audience. No doubt there are true believers among them but they don't interest me.

I'm interested only in you, the true believer, who with no aim toward personal gain adheres to the idea that the earth is warming, humans are causing it, and catastrophe awaits. I have to admit, you make me a little crazy.

For all I know the earth may be experiencing a warming trend. And I am confident that the human race, if it lasts long enough, will eventually be threatened by atmospheric and climatic changes. So? Things change, people adjust or die, always have. What I want to know is how you reconcile your belief that man is the cause of whatever climate changes may now be occurring with all the periods of warming and cooling the earth experienced long before man could have been a factor.

The illustration above shows the extent of glaciation in North America during the last ice age, which ended 10 or 15 thousand years ago. Check out the Laurentide ice sheet. According to the experts it reached a thickness of 2 miles at its center, and at its southern edge New York and Chicago sat under a mile of ice. Think about that for a second. As recently as 15 thousand years ago all of Canada and a significant portion of the U.S. were frozen under a solid sheet of ice. And now, except for a few scattered glaciers, it's all gone. What happened?

After studying the scientific literature I think I have the answer. The most recent ice age, like every one before it, ended due to the warming of the earth's climate, with no influence from human activity. Now that was easy, wasn't it? That's right, according to the science there are many factors that go into the warming and cooling of our planet, but they all add up to the Sun and the earth's relationship to it.

Not convinced? Maybe this brief paragraph from NASA will help -- No one is certain what caused the lower temperatures of the Ice Ages, and several different causes probably worked together. The 100,000 year long cycle is likely caused by variations in the Earth's orbit and tilt that change the amount of heat reaching Earth from the Sun. A small change can make the few degrees difference between a temperate climate and ice. Also, the Sun's total output of heat may vary a little.

To that I say, duh!

Listen, I have to go. All I'm saying is that it won't hurt you to open your mind a little and consider the possibility that the earth and it's climate are doing now what they've always done and that man is just along for the ride.

Yours, King Selfish

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The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Nicely done. How much did Halliburton pay you to write it?

King Selfish said...

No pay, just the satisfaction of doing my part to hasten global apocalypse.