Saturday, September 27, 2008

Undecided Voters Are Idiots

If undecided voters really exist, they must be on the same intellectual level as this guy. Let me make it easy for them. Barack Obama is wrong on every issue. John McCain is wrong on half the issues. There you go, half right versus all wrong, pretty easy really.

What's that? It's not about the issues, it's about personality? Okay, Barack Obama is charming but vacuous. John McCain is sarcastic but deliberate. There you go, deliberate versus vacuous, still pretty easy. Remember folks, we're picking someone to run the country not host the academy awards.


vulcandeathgrip said...

okay, the spray paint huffer may not have a political candidate in mind, and you are right there is no reason to be undecided, however barry obama and gimp arms mccain are not the only options. Since I strongly support the third party system I want to let everybody know that their choices include: Charles O. Baldwin (constitution party), Pobert L. Barr (libertarian Party), John S, Mccain (Republican party), Palph Nader (Independent) Cynthia A. mckinney (Green party) and lets not forget Barry obama (Democratic party)

Anonymous said...

So that's spray paint? Seriously looks like some sort of major yeast or fungal infection.

And yeah, while there's lots of candidates out there, there's realistically only 2 with more than a slim chance in hell of winning.

xangoman said...

Listen, it is people like Mccain and George Bush that have sent America into this economic depression. He has started a trillion dollar war, all based on lies. He has violated our rights through the Patriot Act, through a fear campaign, and you actually have the nerve to say that Mccain is a better choice than Obama, who has given us hope for change at last. We are trillions of dollars in debt, thousands of young men are dead, Iraq didn't attack us in 911, it was a bunch of Saudi's, Lebanis, Egyptians, and Yemenies funded by a Saudi Arabian guy(Osama Bin Laden) hiding in Afganistan, and housed by Pakistanies. That is about half the middle east and we attacked the wrong one! And people have lost thousands of jobs plunging us even deeper into a depression! It is people like you that are destroying this country and costing people their lives and their livelyhood.

The Vicar of Vanity said...

The post by Xangoman is actually funny. It was posted a year and 2 months since the original post and it reads like a liberal press release. It is ironic that the lib elites who see themselves as intellectual superiors to us poor inbred righties seldom seem to think for themselves. Even more ironic is that one year later has shown the original post to be correct. Mr. Hope and change is really hurting our country with most of his decisions and actions. We are in fact heading to the hopeless state that he is leading us to every day. The attempt to blame Bush is a smokescreen. Mr. Xanga, run as fast as you can from your dogma and help us rid this country of the biggest detriment it has seen since Carter and I think Obama is a bigger cancer than Peanut man. Because it is in fact people like you who are destroying our country and then blaming others for it.