Sunday, September 28, 2008

Honor, Courage, Commitment

There are a few things in life that live up to the hype that surrounds them: Guiness stout, Michelin tires, Surefire lights and the United States Marine Corps. On Father's Day of this year, a mere nine days after graduating high school, The Final Son left a family he was close to and a fiancee he adores to fly 1400 miles and undergo the most rigorous basic military training in the world. On September 12, after 91 days of carefully orchestrated physical and mental abuse, he came out the other end, leaner, tougher and better.

As I stood in the stands and watched the ceremony I remembered back to the previous September when I stood on similar bleachers and watched him play linebacker for his high school team. I'm pretty sure my face turned red when it dawned on me that back then I just THOUGHT I knew what proud was.

If you ever find yourself doubting America's ability to produce high quality, serious minded young men, just go watch 599 new Marines march out onto the parade deck at MCRD in San Diego, trust me it's a sight that will put you at ease. As long as America can continue to find dedicated young men and women to populate ALL the branches of our armed forces we will be fine. And as long as the United States Marine Corps can continue to attract young men the caliber of the one pictured above we can all rest easy in the knowledge that the Corps will remain Semper Fidelis.

Note: For those of you thinking/hoping that this is the end of me bragging about my chidren/grandchildren, no such luck. Periodically I will continue to regale you with examples of what a great job I have done as a father beause you deserve to know. And yes, whatever great things my offspring achieve, is all me, because I'm just that good. Don't hate me because I'm perfect.


armywife603 said...

It's crazy to think of him out of school and a Marine now. I know you're proud! So am I!

Anonymous said...

Archduke, Congrats on your son's heroism! You family seems to be a very proud and patriotic family. We should have more families like yours. Tell the family members in the service thanks for all they do. And also I thank you and your civilian family members for standing behind and supporting the servicement!

King Selfish said...

It seems like just yesterday when The Final Son was just a strange little kid. And now he's a Marine. If my son joined the Marines, or any branch of the service for that matter, I would be proud too. I would also be shocked because I don't have a son.

And by the way, Archduke, I don't hate you because you're perfect, I have other reasons.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Thank you for the kind words anonymous, I will pass them along to the apropriate people.

The Vicar of Vanity said...

I hear that studliness skips a generation. That being said, you should be proud as well as all the archdukians too.