Monday, September 1, 2008

The Redemptive Power of Hurricane Gustav

Once upon a time President George W. Bush was bored so he prayed real hard that death and destruction would visit some African-Americans. The Lord heard his prayers and was pleased so He sent hurricane Katrina to kill many ebony persons. President Bush rejoiced.

But all was not well.

Blacks and other liberals cried that George Bush was a meanie. President Bush pondered this in his heart but could not understand why drowning a bunch of African-Americans was a bad thing. Even so, the President wished to seek favor with those who hated him. He prayed to God once again, this time that he may be given an opportunity to save Blacks from peril and be praised for his benevolence.

God felt pity for the President and said unto Himself, "I will send hurricane Gustav so that George may show the liberals that he is ready, willing and able to protect blacks from harm." And the blacks and other liberals loved George Bush.


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

I didn't hear anything about a hurricane. Where was it?

King Selfish said...

You didn't hear about it because President Bush balled it up in his fist and shoved down mother nature's throat. He intervened and saved the Louisiana blacks and that's why the entire left has forgiven him for Katrina and now loves him. You should be so lucky.