Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Liberal Choice

While reading the linked article in the post below, I began to wonder, again; Where is the liberal outrage? Why aren't the feminists and all the other leftist screaming for something to be done to stop the murder of women and children by fundamentalist muslims? There is no shortage of righteous indignation every time some white, male executive calls his female secretary "darlin", or every time some woman who makes $150,000 a year fails to get a promotion. So why the silence when countless women and girls, worldwide, are being tortured, mutilated and murdered by muslim men, in the name of "honor"? It appears, for all the world, that the only people moved to action on this front are Conservative Americans.

The only possible explanation I have been able to come up with is this. Since it was President George W. Bush, a Semi-Conservative White American Male, who gave the order to bring the iron fist of America down on the crazy muslims, the good leftist MUST conclude that the crazy muslim is in the right because the alternative is unthinkable. The America hating left was faced with this question. Whom do we despise more, an archaic religion that insist on the murder of it's own women and children AND everyone else on the planet who is not a member, or George W. Bush? Their answer is clear, and sickening.


vulcandeathgrip said...

I believe that you are absolutely correct. Since the everyday enemy of the liberal community is George Bush and every other rich white conservative I guess they just can't bring themselves to side with him on anything, even if that means defending a huge group sexist, muderous religious fanatics. I also believe that if you were Al Swearengen you would respond back to this post " dont repeat back to me what i just ****ing said !" but you are not and I just thought I would reinforce your viewpoint.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Actually I am just like Al Swearengen, I guess that makes you E.B. Oh well at least you see my point.